The project Classroom, a teenage view was inspired by the dire condition of a generation that had to experience the transition to adulthood during a pandemic. The experience of confinement with respect to learning was paradoxical: it transformed the students, who were forced to study from home, without really modifying their learning spaces, which remained unchanged when until they could returned to collective education. Two years were enough to create a gap between needs and reality. The archaeology of adolescence was organized through the dominant tool that shaped it in the second half of the 20th century: the classroom. How were these spaces designed? How were these learning communities generated? What made them into political bodies?

Classroom, a teenage view aims to give a voice to adolescents, to understand how these learning environments changed over the decades, particularly in response to the evolution of pedagogical methods. The project takes the form of an exhibition, a publication and a symposium which together question the architectural space of the classroom and its transformations.

A project organised by CCB / Garagem Sul Architecture Center (Lisbon), arc en rêve centre d'architecture (Bordeaux) and Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture (Hasselt)